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East Texans React To Proposed Bills

Our legislators have only been in Austin a few days, but they've already been hard at work proposing bills.

Many will directly effect you and your kids. For example, House Bill 249 would require the school year to start later, moving from August 21st to August 31.

"That's not that bad," says Mom Nikki Wagoner. "I always thought they should wait till after Labor day anyway."

Senate Bill 205 would require districts to measure a student's body mass and include the info on the child report card.

"I think people know when their kids are overweight. I don't think they need a school stepping in and saying 'hey your kids are fat,' " says Father Jim Fortune.

House Bill 243 would let school principals remove bullies from classrooms and put them in an alternative school.

"I think it would make a better environment for the rest of the kids and work with the child and may correct the behavior," said one East Texan, but others disagreed.

"Usually when a child is a bully there is a reason. To remove that child, I don't think that's going to cure the problem," says Bridgett Walker.

Some of the proposed bills may also change the way you drive. House Bill 237 and Senate Bill 139 would require only hand-free cell phones while driving. And if your a teenage driver, Senate Bill 120 would outlaw you driving and talking on a cell phone at the same time.

House Bill 316 makes it a misdemeanor for a child to run away from home.

A couple bills could also hit your wallet.

House Bill 108 limits home appraisal increases to 5 percent annually.

HJR 15 creates a state income tax.

"Just don't like the idea of it, because I know what will hapen eventually, the property taxes will go up and we'll have an income tax also."

House Bill 173 lets Texans buy prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies that meet state licensing standards.

"I am disabled and have a $450 drug bill. Anything that would help I would be for, " says Jim Fortune.

House Bill 255 would prohibit stores from devaluing gift cards once sold.

"I have some gift cards that decrease and if someone pays the value you should get that totally," says Bridgett Walker.

So far all of these bills have just been proposed but you can keep track of their progress online at: www.capitol.state.tx.us/tlo/legislation/bill_status.htm

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