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Better East Texas: Funds will bring needed repairs to Texas road system

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It is refreshing when government actually springs into action after voters speak.

One such case is the approach by the state to green light road projects funded by the passage of Proposition 1.

Prop. 1 was passed by voters back in November. Planning on projects started immediately and authorization should be approved sometime this month, paving the way for $1.7 billion in improvements to Texas roads. The Tyler district, which includes Smith, Gregg, Anderson, Cherokee and Henderson counties, will receive funding for several projects. The totals for this area of the state will be more than $46 million.

Texas has such a massive road infrastructure that we must continue to repair and replace bridges, improve safety through the creation of passing lanes and also add extra features like bike lanes to our roads. So kudos to the Texas Department of Transportation for getting it together so quickly and for channeling dollars to East Texas for these road projects.

Now it is up to drivers to respect and expect these projects, which include the expansion of Spur 248 in Tyler, improvements to Highway 175 near Frankston and work on Interstate 20 near Longview, along with several others projects. Studies are also being conducted on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler because of increased traffic volume there.

You can see that there will be a lot of road work, so we all need to be careful and be thankful for an improving Texas road system, which makes for a Better East Texas.

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