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Better East Texas: Clintons not above the law

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Bill and Hillary Clinton have been in the national political spot light going on two decades and they have had more than their share of scandals and questionable practices.

With Mrs. Clinton preparing to run again for president, you would think they would be forever mindful of the microscope they are put under. But that doesn't seem to be the case. The Clinton Foundation is under investigation for accepting financial contributions from outside of the U.S. while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State. This is a violation of federal law.

Mr. Clinton has said that the foundation needs to turn over the records. But shouldn't they also return the money? He also said that even if the money was given outside the law, that the foundation used the money to do “more work than harm” which tells me he has already reasoned with himself that it is OK to circumvent the law if there are good results.

Additionally, Mrs. Clinton operated an independent email address on a private server in apparent violation of several laws and state department rules. As a government employee, you just don't do that. Now, she is not stupid and none of this was done out of ignorance but it seems that President Clinton and Secretary Clinton continue to feel that they answer to an authority that is higher than American law, and that is misplaced thinking.

They need to follow the law and if they don't then they need to feel the consequences, it is that simple.

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