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One price for this quilt: Valor

Sgt Martin and his Quilt of Valor Sgt Martin and his Quilt of Valor
They keep you warm, and when you wrap yourself up in one you can't help but smile; we're talking about quilts.

There is a class of quilts out there that can't be bought, they have to be earned; they're called Quilts of Valor.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation's mission is to cover military and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing quilts.

We were lucky enough to see Sergeant First Class Paul Martin, who is stationed at the United States Armed Forces Reserve Center in Smith County, receive his quilt.

Mary Roberts and her sister Ann Horlander are delivering something very special to Sergeant First Class Paul Martin. They met the sergeant at a Wounded Warriors function, and he told them about the experience he had during the 2009 Fort Hood shooting.

“I went to the left to get behind some partition, and I'm thinking 'out of sight, out of mind.' If he can't see me he can't shoot me, but I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was aiming a gun at me. He aimed the gun at me again, and I'm thinking I could out-run his bullet, but I didn't and before I knew it, that bullet hit me in my back. And at that time, I had no feeling below my waist,” Paul explained.

Mary decided he deserved a Quilt of Valor because of his Fort Hood experience. People next to him were killed. He was shot four times, but got out, survived, and recovered.

So Mary got the quilt made, and Paul was loving it.

“I think I love it. I need this to keep me warm at night. Especially with the cold weather we've been having. It's going on my bed tonight,” Paul revealed.

“Oh, really? You're going to break it in already?”

“Yes, sir, I am,” he replied.

“It's all donated fabric, all donated labor, and it has to be a certain quality, has to be a certain size. It can't be too little or too big, and we do this in thanks to the service people and all the good work they do for us,” Mary said.

Mary told Paul the quilts were usually red, white and blue, but she wanted to know his favorite color.

“He said red white and blue is my favorite color; very patriotic. So, since he's a guy I put a little brown in it, a little tan so it would be more manly,” Ann said.

“When I got a call from her the other day and she said she was finished with it, I couldn't wait to see it, and when I saw it, I said this is amazing, because these quilts are priceless,” Paul stated.

Priceless because bundling up in one is pretty much a big hug from someone like a grandmother who is proud of your service.

Sgt. Martin will also be presented a Purple Heart for being wounded in the Fort Hood shooting in 2009, along with other survivors, this April.

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