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Continuance denied in latest Calvert pre-trial hearing

Source: KLTV Staff Source: KLTV Staff
SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Accused murderer James Calvert was in a Smith County courtroom Friday, arguing several objections and motions he filed in the latest of dozens of pre-trial hearings.

Calvert is accused of killing his ex-wife and kidnapping their son in October of 2012. The Smith County DA has said they intend to seek the death penalty in the case.

After more than two hours of arguments by state attorneys and Calvert, who is representing himself in court, Judge Jack Skeen denied a request for what would have been his second continuance. Calvert is currently being held in Smith County Jail.

Most of the motions surrounded what Calvert describes as a lack of access to the evidence with which he would build his defense.

Calvert, who the court ruled had been abusing his access to a laptop and therefore denied further access to it, is now able to view evidence on a portable DVD player.

The State and judge agreed that Calvert has appropriate access he needs.

"We're not keeping anything from him. I've made this argument, I don't know how many times, on this exact motion. The State of Texas is never going to agree to. It's a ridiculous motion and we ask that it be denied in all things," Assistant District Attorney April Sikes said in court Friday, in response to several motions filed in objection by Calvert.

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