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"Does It Work?"-1/18/05

Drink Magic: "Does It Work?"

Are you one of those people who has to have their coffee? Hit one of those gourmet coffee shops a few times a week and it can get expensive. That's why they invented Drink Magic. With the push of a button, you get a cup of coffee that rivals anything you've ever paid $3.50 for. At least that's what the makers claim. But first, the Drink Magic has to pass the "Does It Work?" test.

The Drink Magic is touted as your instant mixing mug, perfect for making gourmet cappuccinos, lattes and more. You get two mugs for your money. Both are supposed to be capable of whipping up a heavy froth for that great gourmet coffee look and taste. The secret is the tiny whisk at the bottom of the mug. Two AA batteries go in the bottom of the mugs.

We measured out 2 ounces of milk, according to the instructions, which brings the milk just about even with the whisk. Tilt to a 45 degree angle, press the button and we should get froth real soon. Not much froth showing so far. Tilt the other way and there's slightly more froth, but still not enough to come close to matching the pictures on the box. We added the coffee anyway and what little froth we had, disappeared.

Frustrated, we began washing the mugs with liquid soap and water. Just for fun, we whisked up the soap and it began to froth like crazy. Of course it did, it's soap! But it gave us the idea to go back and add more milk, covering the whisk as we did with the soap and water. Sure enough, much to our surprise, the milk whipped up into a big froth. Add coffee, and presto! We had a latte.

It worked time and time again. We just had to add more than the recommended 2 ounces of milk. It was a cliffhanger ending, but the Drink Magic delivered in the end. "Does It Work?" We give the Drink Magic, a yes.

We paid $9.99 for the Drink Magic at Walgreens.

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