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Dallas VA Hospital Ranked Worst In Nation

Michael McDonald is a disabled Vietnam Vet. Today he can't walk without a cane. He relies on the Dallas VA Hospital for all his medical care. But he and his wife, who is also a veteran, say the care has often been less than stellar.

"It seems like they are interested in what's wrong with you when you get there, but when you get your report back it doesn't even sound like you went to that doctor," he explains.

So when they found out the Dallas VA Hospital was ranked worst in the nation neither were surprised.

The report found the patient rooms & bathrooms unclean. The floors & walls had build-up and grime. Stretchers had "dried residue suggestive of body fluids," the IV pumps were dirty, and the crash carts were "in disrepair" and they used tape to keep doors closed.

"There is body fluid on the floor," says Mc Donald.

When asked how conditions had gotten to such a deplorable state at the VA hospital the chief of staff said quote, "Frankly, we didn't pay enough attention to them, but we are now."

The McDonalds certainly hope changes are made because the VA hospital is all they have.

"We're veterans of wars. We fought wars and they don't take care of us after its over. That was a promise to us. We should feel safe and confident they will take care of us the way we need to be taken care of. I fought for it," he said.


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