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Proud of East Texas: Antlerworx


White Oak, Texas may seem like a typical East Texas town, but one of its leading businesses, "Antlerworx," is far from typical. Antlerworx produces one-of-a-kind artistic home furnishings from deer antlers, wood and hides.

Such celebrities as Chris Tomlin, Charlie Daniels and Warren Buffet own their antler creations.

Now, you don't have to worry about Bambi in their use of hundreds of deer antlers. Deer shed their antlers each spring. And the shed antlers are what they use in their magnificent chandeliers, lamps, sconces and other creative furnishings.

Antlerworx products are available through Anthropology, King Ranch Saddleshop and other specialty stores or you can drop by the showroom in White Oak, at 1909 East U.S. Highway 80.

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