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Lynda Tomlin: "Cheerleading, Accounting and Cars..."

On the third floor of the KLTV building is a quiet office occupied by a woman with a shocking secret…

“I worked at KLTV until I saved up enough money to buy a car, I think it was a purple Gremlin.”


The Lynda Tomlin of today is a polished businesswoman who seems nothing like the kind of teenager who would have driven a Gremlin to school.

“I went to Whitehouse, it was cool because nobody else even had a car then,” she said, defending her past purchase.

Lynda started out at KLTV 28 years ago, working with her best friend doing payroll to earn money for a car. They were a pair of dedicated 16-year-olds displaying a work ethic rare in today’s youth. Besides making good grades, playing basketball and cheerleading, she still found the time to create hand-written commercial logs, answer phones and do billing cards.

“Back then everything was done by hand, we didn’t have computers like today. Everything finally switched over to electronic in 1979,” she said, “Geez, now everyone is gonna know how old I am.”

Lynda worked part-time, until 1980 when she secured a full-time position in the Accounting department. Now she’s a supervisor and wants people to know KLTV is so much more than just what goes on-air.

“There are so many more opportunities than what you see on TV and what’s technical. A lot gets done behind the scenes and it’s the clerical stuff. We do lots to make the station work.”

Lynda’s right. There are many people you’ll never see on TV who have kept KLTV going for the last 50 years.

“When people find out I work at KLTV, they always want to tell you something good. About how some public service campaign helped them out, or about a story they saw on TV. I can’t imagine working anyplace else.”

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