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Better East Texas: Lawmakers faced with tough decisions on funding

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I had the opportunity to meet with State Senator Kevin Eltife, who made an appropriate but probably unpopular point – at least with his colleagues - when it comes to the task of budgeting for the State of Texas.

Remember that the No. 1 charge of the state Legislature is to prepare a two-year budget for Texas. Texas is blessed to have a lot of money coming into the state coffers but, as is the norm, there will be great debate on the funding of education, the plan and costs for roads and then there is the issue of water rights. And many Republican lawmakers have pledged to lower taxes as a result of expected revenue available to the state.

But what Eltife pointed out, is that the state has kicked the can down the road on numerous repair and maintenance projects to the tune of nearly $1 billion . He makes the point that we really don't need to neglect the state's buildings and other assets that fall into this category just so we can say we lowered taxes.

Now, those needs that are deemed critical will get taken care of but building repairs are not going to get cheaper and revenue for the state looks to be very steady for the near term. So let's pull the trigger on maintaining and repairing our state property – your state property.

There is a price to be paid when government dodges tough decisions for the sake of popularity.

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