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Big Screen TV 101

Ever year around Super Bowl time, thousands of Americans decide to buy a big screen tv. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? Donny Thedford at Don's TV and Appliances in Tyler helps people everyday with these decisions. He offers this quick crash course for anyone looking to buy.

Lesson One: the screens and pictures. First there's LCD.

"Basically an LCD means you have a fancy light bulb that shines through three panels of glass, red blue and green to form a picture," says Donny.

Then there's DLP.

"Digital light processing. Texas Instruments develops all the DLP chips. They have a light engine or bulb that goes through a color wheel," says Donny.

PDP, better known as plasma.

"A plasma panel is actually a form of plasma gas. Instead of a light bulb, there is actually gas inside the panel that forms the picture," says Donny.

Then there's the CRT

"CRT is actually what we've had for the last 50 years and it is a glass picture tube and still technically, it gives you the best picture quality," says Donny.

He feels the best picture and cheapest option is the CRT.

They cost about $1400. However, they're big and bulky. That's why he recommends LCD or DLP. They are about 14 inches deep and cost $2000 to $3000.  That's a lot less than a plasma.

"Plasma is more a jewel in the crown type ownership," Donny says.

Donny says only buy a plasma if you have to hang your tv on the wall. So how about HD? Do you really need it?

"If you want to buy a tv that will last the next 10 years, you need to by an d hdtv or an hd tv ready tv," he says.

So which TV is the best? Donny's choice is the Sony Grand Vega TV. It's the number one seller nationwide and costs between $2499-3699.

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