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1/16/05-East Texas

Proud Of East Texas: T.J. Henshaw

Most of us tend to take our fire fighters pretty much for granted until we have to do without them. In the East Texas community of Lands End at Lake Fork, TJ Henshaw set out to establish a fire department in his area that previously had been unprotected.

Lands End is surrounded on three sides by Lake Fork, and fire fighters from other towns weren't able to get to the area in time to help. Within a years time, Henshaw and other volunteers raised $180,000 in cash from donations, fundraisers and grants and an additional $70,000 in donated materials and labor.

The department now has four trucks in all, most of which have been rebuilt and reconditioned. A 1,300 square foot community center is also part of the fire station. Thirteen volunteer fireman are being trained in fire fighting, medical first responder and hazmat training.

It's said that "a fire knows not whether you're paid or whether you're a volunteer, it just needs to be put out", and that's what these volunteer firemen are giving their time to do.

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