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Bridal Show Attracts Crowd

Getting married, has become a stressful event.  If you're one of the 2.1 million couples married in the United States in 2004, you probably found that out the hard way.

But there are places that are trying to make planning a wedding a little easier.  The Bridal Show at the Rose Garden in Tyler Saturday is one of those places.

Planning a wedding can be a downright chore.  From choosing the perfect dress, to the perfect menu, it can all be a little overwhelming.

"Since I was little I thought I had my whole wedding planned and then when you actually get engaged there is so much that you have to do," said bride-to-be Jennifer Grace.

To lighten the load, bridal shows help by putting everything under one roof.  Kevin Huckabee of All American Party & Tent Rentals in Tyler, rents just about anything you need for a downhome wedding or an upscale affair.

He said he is never surprised by brides that go all out.

"It adds up by the time you do the tents and the special table cloths, they spare no expense," he said.

From designer table cloths to what people put on top.  Melody Lade creates what she calls "Tablescapes", pieces of art, you can eat.

"(Fruit) platters are nice but sometimes they are just a little dull, this just kind of adds more to that to me," she said.

The fruit is nice but for what brides really want this year, you've got to look to the chocolate.  A fountain that pours chocolate is the hottest item in 2005.

Organizers say about 500 people stopped by the Rose Garden for the show.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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