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Freedom Fighters: The Knight Brothers

All seven Knight brothers served in the United States Armed Forces. Two of them gave their lives for their country. Former Superintendent of Mineola Schools, Bill Knight, has written a book about his brothers called "Knight's Hill: The Story Of A Family In War."

The oldest Knight brothers, Jack, Curtis, and Loyd, all joined the Army at the same time in 1940. Herschel wasn't far behind in the Navy and R.C., Roy and Bill each served as they reached manhood. Jack Knight, the oldest brother, was killed while leading a charge against the Japanese in Burma. He was awarded the Medal of Honor.  The hill where the battle was fought was re-named "Knight's Hill."

Brother Curtis was seriously wounded in the battle, but survived to receive the Silver Star. Bill Knight was to lose his brother Roy in Vietnam.  Two other brothers narrowly escaped death in Okinnawa and Korea. There are 16 medals for Valor among the Knight brothers, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver and Bronze Medals and our country's highest, The Medal Of Honor.

Two of Bill Knight's nephews were also in the service. Roy's son Bryan received a Medal Of Valor for his rescue efforts in the 1996 terroist bombing in Kobar, Saudi Arabia.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.


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