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Longview Mayor Surprise Resignation

       A startling announcement at Longview city hall today as the mayor of Longview resigns, effective immediately. Elected in may of 2003 , Murray Moore served a year and a half of his three year term, before dropping the bombshell on fellow council members today of his resignation.

    "It caught me by surprise i was totally surprised when the mayor called me and told me he was resigning it really shocked me" says councilman Darryl Williams.

       In a letter to the city council, Moore says it was a business decision. He said quote, "I have had to decide between continuing to serve as mayor on a very limited basis or take advantage of these new opportunities and because of new opportunities, continuing to serve on a limited basis would not be in the best interest of our city".

      His tenure was marked by successes in city parks renovations and new creations, and controversy in a racial e-mail episode surrounding councilwoman Karen hailey. She says e-mails sent out with racially motivated language was just an echo of Murray's words. His resignation makes longtime councilman Darryl Williams the interim mayor.

     "Its a great honor to be mayor but like i said i never did know that I'd end up mayor this way, its ironic we went through some difficulties at the end of last year and it kind of gave Longview a black eye and i think this gives us a second chance to show people what kind of people we have in Longview, we have real good people over here and i think the people will rally around me and help support me" says Williams.

      Murray Moore says he steps down with the city's best interests in mind and that the controversial incidents played no part in his resignation. We also spoke with councilman Andy Mack tonight, who said he's angry at Moore's words about him in the resignation letter. He said he was shocked at the press release and totally surprised and shocked at mayor Moore's resigning. Mack also said he was shocked at the statements by Moore that Mack's attitude was anything less than the best for the citizens of Longview." "Darryl Williams" now becomes the first ever African American to serve as mayor of Longview. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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