7 Investigates: TxTag issues could be affecting East Texans

7 Investigates: TxTag issues could be affecting East Texans

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's possible that you could be billed for a toll that happened more than a year ago due to an error made by an agency contracted to bill tolls in Texas. State lawmakers held a hearing last week describing the problems with the Texas Department of Transportation's TxTag program. East Texans could be affected if they either: have a TxTag account, or used Toll 49 before it was transferred to the Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority, which occurred in March 2013.

One of the victims of the TxTag problem is State Senator Bob Hall, R-Edgewood. The newcomer to the state senate told representatives from TxDOT about the problems he had with his bill.

"My first encounter was to receive a bill several months after being there," Hall said. "The toll charge was sixty-five cents. The late fees and others ran it up to almost thirty dollars it said I owed."

For many Texans they are experiencing the same issue --- not receiving a bill --- until it is already late.

"They would want to pay if they received a timely invoice, but when they don't get a timely invoice they forget about it," State Senator Kirk Watson, D-Austin, said.

The problem happened when TxDOT changed billing companies. The new company, Xerox, billed for accounts the old company never billed. That number is an estimated 3.5 million transactions that were described as stalled and billed by Xerox. Some of those transactions dated all the way back to 2012.

"First of all 3.5 million... Can we all agree is an inexcusable number?" Watson asked the representatives from TxDOT and Xerox. "I just want to make sure we're all in agreement on that."

The problems are not just with billing, but with customer service as well,

Complaints with the TxTag system described in the hearing include people being answered by an attendant but then being placed on hold for an extended period of time.

"Our average wait time [last Tuesday] is 2:27," said Xerox Vice President Laurie Zavadil.

The numbers the company provided, seemed unbelievable to one state senator.

"Are you counting what it takes for your system to answer the phone or are you counting what happens when you put someone on hold and then they have to sit on hold," Senator Watson said. "I'm going to be candid with you, I doubt your numbers."

TxDOT has fined Xerox $177,000 for not meeting certain requirements in their contract. Members of the State Senate Transportation Committee are requiring TxDOT, TxTag and Xerox to provide them with weekly updates on catching up on billing and how their call times.

TxDOT said for the stalled and late bills, they made the decision to drop the late fees that were tabulated on the bills. An estimated 800,000 bills were purged from the TxDOT system that were more than two years old.

Have a Toll Billing Question?

One easy way to determine where your problem bill originated is to see what logo is in the upper-left hand corner of the bill.

If you have a Toll 49 logo, you will need to contact their billing agency, the Municipal Services Bureau, at:

(903) 533-8300 or

888-923-2808 or

visit their website at


If you have a TxTag logo, you will need to contact their billing agency at:1-888-468-9824 (toll-free)



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