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How to navigate your family history

Digging into your family history can be a daunting task. Where does one begin with hundreds of years of information coming from all directions? There are thousands of history books. There are genealogy websites. There are historians and experts across the nation. The good news here is there are a lot of outlets to find what you're looking for in your family history. 

The advice of one genealogist was if you don't like history, don't do it. The story we ran about the Tutt Family proves that it takes time. Mary Bell Tutt spent her entire 56-year marriage researching the family name and all that went along with it. 

Here are some helpful tips for where to get started if you think you're up for the challenge and commitment. 

  • Contact a genealogist or someone at your local library to help you navigate the books. 
  • Use Google to search names, dates, and events can lead you in the right direction, too. 
  • Begin with one relative who you have the birth and death dates for and go from there.


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