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New Food Pyramid

Before you order those fries, or even look at another pint of ice cream, the government wants you to think twice. That's because nearly two-thirds of Americans are now obese or overweight and Uncle Sam wants to change that. They've given the food pyramid an extreme makeover.

"Its the first time they have specific calorie amounts for males and females. For the males it is set at 2600 calories per day for females its 2000," says nutritionist Regina Dick. She says there is also a big change in portion sizes.

"The first thing they say, if you are looking at your weight is cut back on overall carbs but to focus on whole grains and have 3 one ounce servings of whole grains per day," says Dick. "When you get down to it is like 3 slices of bread per day."

"The guidelines also say shoot for nine fruit and vegetable servings a day and add more exercise. If you thought 30 minutes a day was enough, not so. Try 60 to 90 minutes a day to lose and keep off weight. But will Americans really be able to lose weight and get healthy following the new pyramid?

"I still think a person needs a degree to be able to understand it," says Regina.

She admits it is complicated now. But says it can work if you figure it out and follow it</P

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