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Though smaller in number, protests continued in Longview


A second day of protests, on a smaller scale, decorated the parking lot of an East Texas police department.

Protesters gathered in front of the Longview Police Department in response to the shooting death of 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard. It was only a handful of protesters that turned out for a second day, many feeling that they'd made their point just by showing up.

"Oh yes, this went exactly how we planned it, went peacefully and no tensions were raised. Our constitutional right to assemble in a public location, and we mostly wanted to voice our opinion."

"It was peaceful and went exactly how we planned for it to go," said a protester going only by the name of Charlie.

Barricades still up, police kept a watchful eye.

"We did prepare for other events in case they happened. We had to, we just wanted to be prepared," said Longview police officer Kristie Brian.

Though relatively quiet Sunday, police are maintaining their presence to keep the peace and maintaining their posture of discipline and patience.

There were instances of protesters directing their insults to officers, but no officer engaged any exchange.

"Certainly we didn't want to add any fuel to the fire, so for us being quiet is the main way to go," Brian says.

Many feel that police conduct is what kept the protest peaceful.

"We handled ourselves very well, some of the protesters did yell names, but we understood that was going to happen," says Brian.

Police even got praise from the protesters.

"I think they handled it professionally and respected our right to protest and gave us distance and were very cooperative and they had a lot of patience with us," Charlie says.

It ended the way it started, without violence.

"Whatever side they were on, we do appreciate that they all respected each other. It didn't get out of hand," Brian says.

Longview police say the lobby will be open Monday, and that the barricades will be removed this coming week.

The protesters say they will be back in Longview in March for another demonstration.

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