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Marshall ammunition plant about to be a loading zone

Floors are being prepared at Rio Ammunition. Floors are being prepared at Rio Ammunition.
MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - Rio Ammunition is getting very close to cranking out their first shotgun shell.

The plant, in the finishing stages of construction, is located in the Marshall Business Park on Regency Road in East Marshall. Rio Ammunition is a division of MAXAM Outdoors which is based in Spain.

We got a first look inside.

At 105,000 square feet, most people's houses would fit in a corner without getting in the way. 

“The buzz has been around town for over a year now while we've been working on this project,” said Donna Maisel, Executive Director of the Marshall Economic Development Corporation. She has visited their plant in Spain.

“This company has the most modern automated equipment for shotgun shell loading in the world,” Donna said.

So modern that once they're in place, no more pictures will be allowed to be taken in this room, nor in the one beside it, which is called the Mezzanine. In fact, this is the first time anyone with the media has been allowed to take pictures inside the facility

“We are in the lower portion of the Rio Manufacturing Facility, and this area will involve the loading of the machines with the powders and the lead shot into the shotgun shell cartridges,” Donna explained.

Most employees will be hired from the area.

“Everyone will have an opportunity, so please submit your application,” Donna offered.

The Texas Workforce Commission is handling applications, and Rio wants to purchase raw supplies locally.

“We've already had vendors contact the company and get set up so they can be a part of the process,” Donna revealed.

Rio's shells are made from scratch, so safety is taken very seriously.

“The safety standards in this building and throughout the whole facility exceed the international building codes for fire and safety,” Donna said.“It is the safest building for this type of operation in the world.”

Ceilings are coated with fireproofing and the walls are thick enough to contain potential incidents.

“Marshall being a long-standing culture in ammunition and arms, it breeds an excitement and everybody seems to want to be a part of the project,” Donna concluded.

Four years ago, the project was brought to the table, and now it's nearly complete. There are still about 35 job openings, and the plant may need another thirty in the coming years.

This is the largest plant Rio's parent company, MAXAM, has built. The shells will be sold worldwide, and they will be going on-line in March.

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