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How To Keep Your Fitness Goals In 2005

You enjoyed the holidays, the turkey, the sweet potato casserole and probably even the pumpkin pie. Now millions of Americans are headed to the gym to work off those calories. By February, many of those same people will give up on the battle of the bulge.

But there are ways to make the motivation stick instead of the pounds.

"We feel that if they stay going, keep moving in the club for 6 to 8 weeks at a time then they've got a good hold on their program," says Christi Sullivan with the Courthouse Athletic Club.

Mike Johnson started his work out routine in January of last year. He's still going. He started because he had to. "My blood pressure was going up and the doctor told me I needed to start physical activity or start medication. I chose physical activity," says Mike.

Mike's secret to success was his ability to keep realistic goals. Christi says setting unrealistic goals is the number one reason why people give up. "They lose motivation. They get discouraged if they set their goals too unrealistically and they don't reach them quickly enough," says Christi. "Sometimes it's not about weight loss, it's about being an active mom and keeping up with the children. It's the long term goals, the life goals."

For Mike, he began to see results within the first few months. "I saw my blood pressure stabilize and stay down low and doctors like to see it," says Mike.

Another critical key to keeping your fitness goals, according to trainers, is watching what you eat. Christi suggests not focusing on fad diets. Instead she says, stick to the tried and true method of choosing better foods and eating less.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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