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Family Looks To Future After Fire Destroys Home

"We grew up in this house when we were small."
All that remains of Alma Gomez's childhood haven is smokey, charred debris and a few spared mementos.
"I went to take my kids to school," Alma said, "when I came back, the house was in flames."
In only a matter of minutes, the home was gutted.
"When I got up yesterday morning, I smelled something was burning. It was in this room but I didn't know what it was."
Fire officials said an extension cord connected with too many appliances started the blaze in 9-year-old Maria's room.
"I went to school and when I got out for school they said the policemen and the firemen had been at my house," Maria said. "Then I started crying."
Clothing, dolls, and a proud child's achievements, all victim to the flames. The new year has not been kind to the Gomez family.
"My mother had a stroke, and then my dad's real sick," Alma said. "He's diabetic and has heart problems."
Her father's medication is now a part of the rubble. The family has no insurance and now no home for little Pepe, Jesus and Maria, Alma's children. Alma's husband, Manuel, doesn't speak much English, but the pain on his face, spoke volumes.
The Gomez are staying with family until they find a new place to make a home. Alma said despite all they lost, they could have lost something far more valuable.
"I mean there's nothing I can do," said Alma. "I feel bad but there's nothing I can do. I just thank God, this is material stuff it can be replaced but our lives we can't."
A fund has been set up to help the Gomez family. If you would like to help you can donate to any Regions Bank in the Gomez family name. You can also donate clothing, toys or money at "Amy B's" in Tyler. The store is located at 104 E. Eighth Street.

Maya Golden reporting,

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