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Perfect Portions

Kelly Hitchcock is a fitness enthusiast. He owns KH Fitness and tries to help people get in shape. But a few months ago he realized most people faced one major hurdle when trying to lose weight.

" I think the biggest problem we have today is the convenience of high calorie, high fat food," says Kelly.

So he decided to team up with Brookshires grocery to make convenient fast food that's good for you. He and Chef Sam Kinsman came up with Perfect Portions.

"This is a healthy alternative for someone who would want to grab something real quick on the way home," says Chef Sam.

Each meal is designed for either a man or a woman. The woman's meal has 4 ounces of meat and the men's 6 ounces. Each men's meal is under 450 calories, the women's are under 350.

"We offer a good choice of lean meats, healthy vegetables, whole grains, pastas, rice, things low in fat and low in calories," says Chef Sam.

"They are balanced meals and that helps stabilize your blood sugar all day. And if you can keep that blood sugar stable you are going to burn 50 percent fat and 50 percent carb all day long," says Kelly.

The meals are made up of more carbs than protein, which many dieters may fear, but KLTV 7 Med Team Doctor Ed Dominguez says it's a combination that can bring anyone weight loss success.

"So this type of approach, which is a portion size that is reasonable, and the right proportions of food are appropriate for any type of diet," sats Dr. Ed.

Brookshires says they can hardly keep the meals on the shelves and Kelly says the meals have helped people lose weight. Making both Brookshires and Kelly feel Perfect Portions are a perfect success.</P

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