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Fluctuating Temperatures Hard On Allergy Sufferers

This winter season in East Texas has been anything but normal.
Snowfall just a few weeks ago and sunny outdoor fun only days later. For allergy sufferers the constant change in temperature isn't so fun.
"I start getting a runny nose," said Crystal Massey. "I start sneezing, and realize that today is the day the pollen is whooping around."
"It'll be 40 degrees and the next day it will be 70 degrees," said LeeAnn Coster.
In December the temperature changed by almost 50 degrees in only 4 days. At the first of January, the situation was the same in 2 days.
This week's forecast calls for the sunshine and clear skies on Wednesday, to be replaced by freezing cold on Friday.
Local allergist Luis Destarac said the frequent warmer temperatures are causing a surge in rare winter allergies and a surge of patients at his office.
"With the weather we have had recently," said Destarac, "the plants have been fooled they think the spring is already here, and so we have been exposed to an excellent amount of pollen."
Green grass, flowers still in bloom and 70 degree temperatures, mother nature's vegetation is still releasing enough allergens to make you sick.
Spending a cold day inside isn't much protection either from mold and dust mites around the house.
"It's so cold," said Destarac, "people tend to spend a lot of time in doors and they are exposed to higher levels of these allergens therefore their allergies are out of control."
If you aren't sure if your cough is part of a cold or allergies, the doctor has some advice.
"If you have a fever or the nasal discharge is yellow or green, then you probably have an infection and that needs to be treated."
If allergies are making it hard to enjoy sunny skies, Dr. Destarac said consult your physician. You can then get a prescription that can bring an end to those early morning sniffles.
Dr. Destarac advises people with allergies avoid raking leaves, gardening, or doing other heavy lawn work this winter.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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