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Better East Texas: Free speech paid for by those who protect, serve

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The movie American Sniper was released recently and, not surprisingly, it had a polarizing effect for some across the nation.

The movie has been a box office success so it is hard to argue with it financially. But there have been critics of the movie and that is understandable.

One liberal critic has gone farther than just criticizing a movie – that critic is director Michael Moore. Moore tweeted that, in his opinion snipers are cowards, snipers are not heroes. Now, in defense of Moore, he clarified his comments later saying that he was referring to the assassination of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. by an assassin but I don't think the redirection by Moore will work – it is clear he was referring to the movie, initially.

Moore is not a patriot, nor is he a constructive force in America. He only knows how to get attention through divisive means. It is OK to have a different opinion on subject matter, but Moore has a track record of insulting much of what our country does. And granted, our military has some challenging, life-and-death-in-the-balance jobs but they also do much good in keeping the peace and lessening flash points.

Moore knows nothing of, or chooses to ignore, that experience. He makes movies and other projects that criticize and inflame, tear down and destroy and his work makes America weaker.

Moore can have his opinion but he needs to learn that the platform of freedom of speech that he regularly uses, was provided by those he is criticizing.

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