Candy cane hearts from Luscious Crumb

Candy cane hearts from Luscious Crumb

 Dawn Trammell, owner of Luscious Crumb in Mineola, shares a great idea for recycling your leftover Christmas candy canes into something beautiful for Valentine's Day. 

For decorating:

Candy Canes

Almond Bark (White or Chocolate or Both)


Sucker Sticks

On wax paper, lay out your candy canes into heart shapes with the straight sides touching at the bottom and the curvy sides facing each other at the top.
You may put a dab of chocolate on the back of them to get them to stick to the wax paper.

Insert a sucker stick in the bottom with at least an inch or two coming up the center of the heart. Pour melted almond bark into the center of each heart and let it set. They will peel right off of the wax paper when set and presto! Valentine Hearts!

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