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Disaster Team Headed To Sri Lanka

A group of East Texas Christian men are ready to take on the biggest mission of mercy they may ever have to do in tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka. It's easily the biggest undertaking the Southern Baptist East Texas Disaster Relief team has ever attempted, trying to provide food and water to hundreds of thousands of tsunami victims.

"We've never gone into a country where there was so much uncertainty so little supplies of what we'll be needing," says team organizer Mike Brittain.

11 East Texans, 6 from Morton baptist church near Harleton, will go to Sri Lanka in an effort to ease the suffering of a devastated people.

"Just strictly the call of God to say here is a great need, you've trained I need you to go and tell those people I love them," says Brittain.

But this time around they'll go with no field kitchens or equipment, just the clothes on their backs and tents to sleep in.

"One of the things we'll be doing is trying to train the locals on operating the kitchens, mass feeding, and how to run water purification systems," says Brittain.

They've gone on many efforts to help disaster victims around the U.S., but the tsunami victims hold an emotional place in their hearts.

"You know to us it's something to eat, but to them its survival and we hope we can touch a few of those lives," says team member Jerry Don Jones.

They'll set up water purifiers and have to make their own kitchens to serve food. But they hope the help they provide will tell Sri Lankans someone cares for them.

"What we do a million dollars can't do, and that is to touch one of those people on the hand, to smile, to hand them personally a plate of food, and a cup of water in Jesus' name," Brittain says.

The team will leave to meet up with other disaster relief members in Dallas Tuesday. The entire group will head to Sri Lanka on Thursday. They'll be there for two weeks until the team is relieved by other relief members.

Bob Hallmark reporting.     bhallmark@kltv.com 

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