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Better East Texas: Campaign season warming up

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It is almost time for the presidential campaigning to begin for the 2016 vote.

Yes, the vote is still more than twenty months away but probable presidential candidates are already testing the water. The problem is that we have a slate of potentials that really seem like professional campaigners. Mitt Romney has hardly been heard of in the past six years but just recently started getting some TV face time and publicity by weighing in on current issues.

What have you been doing the past six years, Governor Romney? Hillary Clinton has been laying low since her exit as Secretary of State. Of course there is also Gov. Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and others that have clamored to stay in the spotlight. I hope that as the presidential campaign gears up in earnest that would-be candidates would be forced to prove their qualifications, their leadership and not just their debate technique and ability to deliver a stump speech.

Every candidate will have some missteps. None are perfect, but they need concrete plans for governing while they are campaigning. It probably makes for a pretty plain vanilla campaign but the office of president should not be handed to the best campaigner or most appealing. This office should be presented to one who will humbly lead with courage and fortitude.

I truly can't remember those character traits in a president in many years. In any case, get ready for a year and half of campaigning from both major parties and here's hoping that a slate of qualified candidates appears, America is strengthened, and a little balance is returned to the world - and that will make for a better East Texas.

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