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Better East Texas: America should take tougher stand against terror

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Recently, we have seen a series of attacks, both literal and cyber in nature across the globe.

We know of the attacks on the newspaper staff and others in France, and perhaps you heard about the Centcom Twitter feed hack as well. Centcom is short for Central Command and should be one of the most secure social media accounts in the world. These and other attacks are connected to anti-western groups, some connected the terror groups – Islamic State or Al Qaeda.

There has not been a more worthy time than now for the world to stand together – against terror. The face of this most recent chapter is, without a doubt, the massacre of the French newspaper staff and the ensuing very public march by an estimated one million people including more than 40 world leaders. But noticeably missing was a representative of the United States.

A lot of criticism has been lobbed on President Barack Obama for not attending the march and joining hands with other world leaders in a remarkable show of solidarity. But, we were not represented. The White House admitted that we should have had a presence but also said it would have been tough logistically for the Secret Service to pull off a trip.

But, one of the highest ranking officials in our government, Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris and ended up leaving the city instead of attending the march.

It is not a question of if we will be attacked on our soil, but when and treating our current situation as a non-problem will lead to disaster. We need to stand up as a country again.

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