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East Texas football official weighs on Dez Bryant non catch

Former NFL Replacement Official Mike Peek Former NFL Replacement Official Mike Peek
ATHENS, TX (KLTV) - East Texan Mike Peek knows all about controversial calls. The Trinity Valley professor in Athens was on the field for one of the craziest finishes in NFL history.

"I just call that the messed up play in Seattle," said Peek.

Peek was an NFL replacement official for the controversial ending that resulted in a Seahawks win over the Packers on Monday Night Football in 2012.

"I know we'll be seeing that this week and I will cringe on that one," said Peek.

Cowboy fans were cringing Sunday, after Dez Bryant's 4th quarter catch was over ruled.  Peek a Cowboy fan himself, knew the call would be reversed after seeing the replay.

"I think it's like jumping out of an airplane," said Peek.  "You have to land to complete the jump. In this situation he had to come down and possess the ball. If he had just tucked it, there would be no controversy."

Making the play so controversial is the argument from the NFL that Bryant did not make a football act before falling to the ground. Replays show Bryant taking three steps and diving for the goal line. Peek believes the catch should have been overturned.

"If you look really slow it looks like he gave an extra lunge getting there," said Peek.  "Again, did the lunge good enough or does he have to lunge and hit the ground? There's a lot of blur in the rules and subjectivity."

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