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Freedom Fighters: Cecil "Tex" Ingram

On December 7,1941Cecil "Tex" Ingram, barely 19, was aboard the U.S.S. Johnson in the midst of the Japanese sneak attack upon Pearl Harbor. Fortunately, the Johnson was spared. Many of those aboard were sent to the Philippines and ultimately became part of the infamous Bataan Death March. Ingram would have been among them, if he hadn't been sent on a special mission. He says he had two angels sitting on his shoulder during the war because he was spared from death so many times. Unfortunately, Ingram's guardian angels weren't always able to keep him out of harm's way.

The time he spent defending Java against staggering odds is one of the most heroic, and yet least reported battles of World War II. Java's 90 defenders held off more than 30,000 Japanese troops for 18 days. Ingram was badly wounded in his escape from Java. Doctors didn't expect him to live.

Yet, Ingram survived his wounds and the war. After serving 32 months of combat duty, Cecil "Tex" Ingram was awarded numerous medals including four Bronze Stars.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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