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Lee Season Commemorated In Song

Call it a soundtrack to a championship. Three former Tyler Robert E. Lee High School students have come up with a new song... commemorating the football teams state championship season.

The new song is creating a buzz around campus. The season may be over, but Red Raider fans have something new to get them excited.

"We've been producing stuff for local artists and doing stuff like that and doing football songs out (in Lubbock) and we were just hearing about Lee and how far they were getting in the playoffs and we just came back home and said 'Hey we've got to do a song about that'," said Sherman Patton.

Patton along with his brother Mitchell, both students at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, did do something. Along with their friend, Jereme Randolph, they cut the single 'How ya feelin' red?, a song dedicated to Lee's State Championship season.

"We just wanted to make a song so people could hear it and the mom's were like you've got to sell this, you've got to put this on the table with our t-shirts, we want it right there," said Mitchell.

Persuaded by the Football Mom's Club, the trio began selling the CD's at the school. Since then, it's become a hit on campus.

The group believes the song's success lies in it's lyrics.

"Just everything the whole season, the different organization of the school in the song it has Cheerleaders, Lee Gentlemen, the Drill Team, the Mom's Club it has the Football team, I mean every aspect of the team in there," said Randolph.

They're happy to have captured school spirit, and hope the song is something students and fans take with them.

"You've got the shirts and you can wear those but with a song it's something that will be there forever you can always go back and listen to the song and the lyrics and get that same feeling of you know pride, Robert E. Lee Pride, it's helping do that," said Sherman.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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