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Rice Elementary Providing Help To Tsunami Survivors

These posters you will find on the front door of Rice Elementary are not a school project or just a child's drawings. It's the students attempt at lending a helping hand.
"Well I think it's the right thing to help, even if they aren't in your country, it's the right thing," said 5th grade student Brandon.
The students are dropping off a little left over lunch money to provide a meal to someone else.
"When I saw what happened to all those people on the news," said Madeline, "I thought, they don't have enough money to rebuild their houses or really even food or water and I thought it would really help if we would just raise a little bit of money. Just a little bit of money would help."
"All that destruction there, that tsunami just ruined there homes, what they had lived in for so long," said Brandon.
"I think if I was one of those kids you could loose like all your family members and you could be the only one so it's probably really scary for them cause they don't have anything," said Madeline.
They are learning not only the importance of helping, but how catastrophes like this occur.
Online the students study what causes a tsunami and why it would never happen here at home. The students read survivor accounts, and slowly grasp the scope of such a tragedy.
"She was inside and she was getting ready to go to school," read Brittany, "and all of a sudden somebody yelled tsunami and that's what happened."
Their efforts to help are teaching something at school more important than just numbers and words, they're learning valuable lessons in caring and compassion.
"If you didn't have a home," says Michael, "you'd want other people to help you if your home was destroyed."

The students will also be holding an auction to raise extra money for the tsunami survivors. The auction will feature drawings by first grade students at Rice Elementary. It will be held Thursday, January 13th, from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. in the school's cafeteria.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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