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Fast Workouts: The New Trend

It's fast. It's targeted. And some say it's even fun. Quick workouts are the latest new trend in fitness.

"Oh I think they are great," says Alison Jarvis.

She checks out the 360 in 30 fitness class every week. She says it really fits into her lifestyle.

"The timing is super because I can drop my kids off at school come in, do the class and I am done. And I still have half the morning ahead of me," she adds.

That's the main reason these quick classes were created; to get people who are on the go, in the gym.

"That's the hardest part about fitness; finding the time. Here, you buzz in and buzz back out. That's the biggest benefit we see," say Melinda Prince, owner of 360 Fitness in Tyler where the classes are offered.

Melinda says the speed of the class isn't the only benefit.

"With the 360 in 30 class we do an overall body workout using aerobic movements and weight training," as Melinda.

Doing that just 3 times a week can increase your metabolism and have you shedding pounds quickly and easily. Allison says another benefit of the class is variety, you're not stuck on a machine and things are always changing. In fact they change rapidly.

"You hit all the muscle groups plus it gets your heart rate up so it pretty much hits everything real quickly," says Allison which makes these quick classes a win - win situation for this busy mom.

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