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Thomas Brooks Approved As John Tyler Head Coach

With a Thursday morning school board meeting and a phone call, Thomas Brooks became the next head coach of the John Tyler Lions.

Brooks takes over a 2-8 Lions team that was competitive last year, but undermanned. Brooks will be in charge of rebuilding the program, and replenishing the rosters.

"I'm very excited," Brooks said of the unanimous school board vote. "It feels good to know I have their confidence."

"More than anything at all," TISD Athletic Director Danny Long said, "I'm excited for the kids of John Tyler High School, because I know the type of leadership he brings."

John Tyler fans have reason to be excited, too. When Brooks was in Jasper, he learned and implemented the spread offense, a wide-open style of play currently used by teams like Gilmer and Tatum. He says it will work at John Tyler, too.

"I love the spread, that's my favorite," Brooks admits, laughing. "It lets athletes be athletes. You throw it up there one on one, receiver against defensive back."

"You're an athlete, go get it."

In the last eleven years as a head coach, Brooks has led his team to the playoffs ten times. But his worth to the John Tyler program may be even greater than just postseason appearances.

"It's a coaching cliche, but it's true," Danny Long explains. "He's a kids coach, he truly is. He's going to get involved in their lives, make sure they succeed."

"The most important thing is the head coach has to build relationships with these kids," John Tyler principal Michael McFarland said. "So when they mess up, we're able to deal with them, but also to put our arm around them and bring them back in."

Brooks will officially take over at John Tyler January 18th.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.

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