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Kilgore Hosts Championship Parade

With temperatures hovering around freezing, thousands turned out to downtown Kilgore to say thank you to a championship football team, and a season they'll never forget.

"You know it's been kind of surreal the past week.  We got fitted for rings, things like this happen all the media coverage and all district came out today and its been humbling that after all those weeks of football we're seeing the results, its finally hit me," says bulldog center Billy Slagle.

The Bulldogs' amazing undefeated run was inspiration to their youngest fans and their oldest. It was the first state championship in city history, and everyone wanted to savor every moment of it. Kilgore mayor Joe Parker officially recognized the champs on the steps of the old train station.

"This community finally gets something they've been waiting for for a long time, that's exciting for me and to see that excitement, that's something you'll never forget," says Kilgore Head Football Coach Mike Vallery.

It's almost overwhelming for the players and leaves them with dreams for future generations. Many will remember this team and this season frozen in time, and tell the tale for generations to come.

"I'll probably be an Al Bundy looking back saying when we played this is how we played, and make sure I tell everybody," says Slagle.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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