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More Charges In Longview Drunk Driving Case

Four others teens have been charged for their involvement in a deadly summer drunk driving accident in Longview. 17-year-old Pine Tree student Natalie White was sentenced to nine years in prison for a drunk driving crash that claimed the life of 18-year-old Lauren Frazier on August 18th. Now, other teens who were with White that night are being held responsible for their part.

"We're going to focus on the person who's responsible for the act, but we go beyond that we have to look past that person that caused the death or injury of a person and we have to look at the cause," says Billy Byrd of the Gregg County District Attorney's office.

Kendall McClain and Ciera Haskins, both 17, pleaded guilty yesterday to helping Natalie get the alcohol that night back in August, both have been sentenced to two years probation.

"Where did those substances come from, who provided those substances to that person, did they act alone or were there other individuals that contributed, we want to hold everyone who had anything to do with it accountable," Byrd says.

Two other teens are also facing charges that they bought alcohol from the New Way convenience store the night of the crash. Investigators couldn't identify the clerk who sold alcohol to the teens on that August night, but a TABC sting just ten days later resulted in arrest of a clerk who was selling alcohol to a minor.

"It's a big problem, we hope that by taking the source away from them or eliminating the source it makes it extremely difficult for them to obtain it," says sergeant Allan Cameron of the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission.

Attorneys for Natalie White are currently appealing her nine-year sentence. The two other teen suspects in the case are facing charges of providing alcohol to a minor.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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