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Dietz Testified In Laney Case, Too

The question a lot of people asked today, would the appeals court ruling have any bearing on the Deanna Laney criminal case?

In that case, Dr. Dietz testified Laney suffered from severe mental illness and did not know her conduct was wrong when she stoned her children to death. Laney was eventually found not guilty be reason of insanity. Today both Laney's attorney and the Smith County DA agree, that Yates case will have no bearing on the verdict in Laney's criminal case.

"We the state, the DA's office, has no right to a criminal appeal only the defense can appeal," says Bingham.

"Mrs. Laney's case has already been decided by a jury, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. To prosecute her again would be a violation of the double jeopardy clause of the constitution and besides that, Dr. Dietz's testimony in Yates simply had nothing to do with Mrs. Laney's case," says Buck Files, Laney's attorney.

KLTV tried contacting Rusty Yates for comment today on his wife's conviction being overturned, but we were unable to get in touch with him. He recently told CNN though, he wanted Andrea to have an opportunity to heal, and eventually, re-enter society. He says he thinks Andrea's illness is treatable.

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