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This Cowboys team is different

Cowboys prove they are different. Cowboys prove they are different.
ARLINGTON, TX (KLTV) - Down by two touchdowns at two different points in Sunday's wild card game against the Lions, it looked like the same old Cowboys were going crumble in the playoffs. But not this team. Dallas scored the final 17 points and captured just its second playoff win in the last 18 seasons.

"We got the dog mentality and that's just not stop," defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford said. "There is no stopping you know until the game is over."

Safety Barry Church added, "It is just a different mentality, different fight with the whole defense, offense, and in the kicking game. Even if we are down 14 or 21, we feel like we can win that game."

One of the biggest plays of the game came in the fourth quarter with just over eight minutes to go. Trailing by three, pass interference was originally called on Dallas on a 3rd and 1 play. But after a conference by the refs, the flag was picked up and the Lions were forced to punt.

"I guess the guy just got a little trigger happy in the back, but they talked it over and made the right call," defensive lineman Anthony Spencer said.

Church added, "We were able to get away with one right there. Shoot I dont know what to say about that one. I have never seen that happen before in my life."

Still, the Cowboys had to cash in on the their opportunity. Facing a 4th and 6 on the ensuing drive, head coach Jason Garrett gambled and Tony Romo delivered.

"It shows that he believes in us and he thinks in that situation he wants us on the field with a chance to win a playoff game," Romo said.

Tight end Jason Witten added, "You know hell or high water I was going to find a way to get open on that option route."

With only one playoff win before Sunday's victory, Romo again came through on 3rd and goal to silence his critics at least for one week.

"He is one of the best, he is our quarterback, he is our leader and we look to him to make the plays," running back DeMarco Murray said. "He leads us and he did it all game."

Coach Garrett added, "The throw he made to Terrance for the touchdown was outstanding. It was a big time big time NFL throw in a critical moment and did it again over the course of the second half and he obviously did it again at the end."

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