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Jake's Tyler: David Wallace's favorite chutney

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 David Wallace shares some ideas for using his favorite chutney recipe. Use it to liven up your next meal!

David says, "My chutney is all American. Apricot preserves will serve as the base element for producing a product that is superior to any commercial chutney I have ever purchased. Prepared chutneys are very difficult to even find."

"Exact measurements are nonessential to this recipe. Prepare it to your own taste."

Grilled Quail with Chutney

Marinate fully thawed Quail, Cornish Hens, or Chicken in the refrigerator over night. Use your favorite brand of Italian Dressing. This will ttenderizeand season the meat and make grilling easier. Cook over the grill until fully cooked. Quail cook fairly fast. Turn meat often, to prevent burning. Internal temperature should reach 165 degrees. Remove meat from grill, set aside, and garnish with prepared chutney over the top of the poultry. A nice salad and a wild rice pilaf goes well with this dish.


Dave's Chutney

Saute thinly sliced vegetables in a little olive oil. Use colored peppers, red onions, and celery. While vegetables are still crisp, add apricot preserves. Cook until the preserves are fully melted. I would use any where from one cup to two cups of the preserves, enough to fully coat vegetables and glaze all meat.

Finish topping with a touch of your favorite vinegar and mustard. Use small amounts and taste results. Season with your favorite savory herbs. I like Italian seasonings such as rosemary, oregano, and thyme.

I also like to add some dried fruits at the very end. Continue saute until everything is hot, but do not over cook. Add some raisins or dried cranberries. Just about any dried fruits are acceptable. Spoon mixture over meat before serving. Both beautiful and delicious

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