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"Miracle" Transplant For Tyler Family's Infant Daughter

Gracey Reyes was not expected to be alive this new year.

"The chances of her surviving they weren't very high," said Gracey's mother, Erika.
Gracey was born with a rare liver disease. It was just after Thanksgiving that Gracey's enlarged liver took a turn for the worse.

Doctors told Erika to prepare to say goodbye to her baby girl.
"She wouldn't have made it the week, or 2 weeks," said Erika.

Not only is Gracey alive this year, she's expected to ring in a lifetime of new year's celebrations.
"She's a miracle," smiles Erika. That's because at only 4 and a half months old, little Gracey received a liver.

"Most babies that need major organ transplants normally don't make it because there's no organ bank, organ donors for babies," Erika said.

A Chicago baby's organs went to Gracey and five other babies, saving their lives as well.
"I'll never ever be able to thank that family enough they saved my child. They did," said Erika. "She's going to have a long healthy life now, because of them and God.

In only a matter of days, Gracey began to show improvement, however, because of her still weak immune system, she is in isolation. Everyone who comes in contact with her must wear a mask, even big sister Alyssa.

"I knew that she wasn't going to give up," said Erika. "That's how much of a fighter she is, I mean I knew, I knew even though everybody told us, she had about a week, 2 weeks, I knew, I knew." Doctors said it is unique for babies of Gracey's size and age to receive an organ and that her quick recovery is a true gift.

"This is why I come do my job everyday," said Children's Medical Center Transplant Coordinator Kimberly Lane. "To see them look so bad and end up turning around to be a healthy normal little girl. It's different for every child but it's certainly a wonderful gift for the Reyes."

"I wish I could have (done) something for her," said Gracey's dad Raymond. "But you know it was out of my hands, it was all up to the doctors and God."

"Me and God had already made a deal," said Erika. "We were going to live right and always be a great mom and we were going to have Gracey, that's why I knew she was going to get a liver."
Now the Reyes family will have Gracey and her smile for years to come.

Gracey is expected to be released from Children's Medical Center by the end of the week. She'll remain on medication and will receive two blood check ups a month for the rest of her life. The Reyes' said it's a small price to pay for such a special gift.

Maya Golden, reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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