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Children raise money for dying mother

(Source: WISH via CNN) (Source: WISH via CNN)
COLUMBUS, IN (WISH/CNN) - Doctors who diagnosed a Columbus mom with an aggressive form of bladder cancer told the woman she had nine to 12 months to live.

Now, Sarah Snelson's children are working to help her.

They say they're raising money so that if she should die, they can remember the good times they've shared and throw a big celebration of life.

Cancer treatments weren't working and Sarah went into hospice care. Her food and water were cut off and she lost consciousness. Then one day she began to revive.

"A month later I'm waking up  and I'm like, really, that just happened?" she says. "Every day is kind of a battle still."

Snelson is still receiving hospice care and her cancer remains aggressive. Doctors are waiting to see what happens next before considering any other treatments.

"It's very traumatic for everyone involved," she says.

Now, Snelson's daughter Lexi has stepped in to help cook, clean and care for her mom and three siblings, 11-year-old twins Abe and Ali, and 3-year-old Andreya.

"I just want to spend every minute with her because when she's gone, she's gone," Lexi says.

Family members are optimistic about the future.

"As a family, we don't expect her to pass away. It's just not real," says one family member.

But just in case, Lexi has started a Go Fund Me page to prepare. At 36 years old, Snelson doesn't have life insurance, and the family wants to make sure they can celebrate the moments they shared.

"We want flowers everywhere, just to make it memorable," Lexi says.

The children says it's still good to know that they'll have memories of her and she'll always be with them.

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