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Better East Texas: Texas Republicans a divided party

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Refinement can be a good thing as it results in a more pure product.

Refinement is a benefit in many processes but it may not be best to refine a political party. At least that's the case when it comes to the Republican Party in the Texas Legislature who enjoys essentially complete control of Texas government.

The state will open for business in January and already there is some infighting. The brewing battle is surrounding the selection of the Speaker of the House. The current speaker, Republican Joe Strauss, is expected to be elected again but there is a challenge from fellow Republican Representative Scott Turner of Frisco.

The fact that there is a challenger is not unique but the infighting among Republicans might have a price. Before there is ever a formal vote, it is usually known who will win the selection of Speaker. If there is a challenger, then the challenger removes their name from consideration and a vote is taken and the speaker is elected unanimously.

But in 2015, several lawmakers appear to be holding on to their support of the challenger, with the apparent intent of causing a very public vote. This may, on the surface, not seem like a big deal, but if you are against the Speaker's re-election, then there may be a political price to be paid and that could come in the form of reduced influence for your district. It is a political world in the Texas Statehouse even when one party dominates.

Regardless, Republican legislators must protect the state's provision in their districts and a divided party does not do that.

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