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Better East Texas: U.S. move to re-establish Cuban relations the wrong one

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President Barack Obama announced recently that the U.S. was going to re-establish some diplomatic relations with Cuba.

For many Americans age 50 and under, the logic of having no formal relations with a country that sits 90 miles off our coast is very foreign and this mindset shows how time erodes principles – especially a country's principles. For more than 50 years, Cuba has been ruled by a communist dictatorship that has committed untold human rights violations while suppressing individual rights. It is a poverty stricken country. But is has a certain mystique and appeal and, again, is less than the distance between Dallas and East Texas away from our border.

Obama has decided to start the thawing process between the U.S. and Cuba but nothing has changed in Cuba, so it is safe to say that only the U.S. has changed. The problem is that Cuba is frozen in time with an antiquated infrastructure, lousy transportation systems and not much modern technology. All of it is crumbling and given a little more time, would fail and the government of Cuba would fail along with it. 

We don't need to create a new tourism industry, we don't need to legitimize the brutal Cuban dictatorship any more than it is and we don't need to compromise our country's resolve to stand up for oppressed individuals. But this move by Obama does just that.

Obama believes a lot of America's practices and policies are outdated but he is wrong. Our policies protect what America is and what we stand for and compromising them weakens our nation.

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