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Better East Texas: Sony should move forward with release of film

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Moviemaker Sony Pictures is in the middle of a scandal that involves everything from computer hackers, to international intrigue, to terrorist threats – all the makings of a typical movie, right?

But Sony's internal network and specifically the company's email accounts have been hacked by a group called the Guardians of Peace. The hacking seems to be tied to the release of the movie “The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogan. It looks to be a typical Rogan slapstick comedy but the storyline revolves around something not so comedic – the assassination of the president of North Korea.

Sony probably would have been criticized anyway for the subject matter of the film but the movie industry has been there before with movies like Red Dawn and really any of the 007 series. The hackers have threatened the actors, released embarrassing emails about Sony executives and even threatened violence at theaters where the movie is shown.

It has unnerved a lot of people but successful or not, Sony needs to move forward. The company needs to release the film on schedule on Dec. 25 – if they don't then these cinema terrorists will win. America and our industries don't make it a practice of negotiating with terrorists or bowing to terror threats.

Sony absolutely has some internal clean up to do and more embarrassing emails are bound to be released but that speaks to the security issues of their network and is a message for all businesses. There are smart, mean people out there that take pleasure in disruption and giving them a victory is not the way to go.

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