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Shop For Deals

Audrey LeRoy is too busy to traipse from store to store on price patrol. But she still likes to get the best deals on groceries, and everything else.

"Everybody likes to buy stuff when it's on sale," says LeRoy.

So, her first stop when she's ready to shop is her computer. She heads to a website called that hunts out the product she wants, at the best price in town.

"0It's the fastest, easiest way to find sales and deals near you," says Dave Hamel with He showed us how the sites work. Just type in your zip code and what you're looking for.

"I can see a variety of retailers within my area that have various sales on paper towels,"says Dave.

Web-to-retail sites work with dozens of major retailers, along with thousands of smaller, local stores, going through circulars like the ones you get at home so you don't have to. And you'll find a little bit of everything on the site. Today we found deals on a wide screen TV, turbo tax software, dish washing detergent, paper towels, even batteries. Audrey recently went online and found the camera she wanted on sale and close to home!

Audrey says web-to-retail is the only way to shop.

"Who has time to shop for all the sales? who has time to really do all the research? it's really nice that there's someone out there to do the research for us."

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