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1/3/04-Wood County

Family Loses Everything In Fire

Just days into a new year and the home of a Wood County family is devastated by fire.  It happened Sunday on CR 3876 in Pine Mills.

Misty Hooten spent most of the day Monday, sifting through what is left of her home.  The home she shared with two of her children, caught fire Sunday and burned to the ground.

"I made me a cup of coffee and my mom turned around and said 'Misty are you burning trash?' I said 'No', and she said 'Well there is smoke coming from behind your house'."

Misty and her teenage daughter were just up the road, when the fire broke out.  When they arrived the trailer was fully engulfed.

They stood by while, in under an hour, they had lost everything they owned.

"My kid's stuff, this is their home, all their Christmas stuff that they had just got was in there," Misty said.  "It's all gone."

As friends and family stopped by to show their support, this mother does her best to see through the ashes.

"You can't replace it, I mean you can buy it, but it's not the same thing," said Misty.  "At the same time you're thankful that they weren't there, they've got their life and with a life you can start over."

The fire is believed to have been started by some faulty wiring.  The family does not have insurance. If you'd like to help, a fund has been set up through the First Baptist Church of Hainesville.

The number to call is 903-569-1011.

Chris Gibson, reporting 

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