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Why so many acorns this fall?

Too bad they're not pecans. Too bad they're not pecans.
GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Normally you don't think of acorns as attacking, but this year it seems they are doing just that. The acorns are hitting the ground in massive numbers, but why?

Jeffrey Collins with Classic Lawn Service says conditions were right for a lot of blossoms last spring, and that means it's possible to have the same amount of acorns.

“What do you think about the acorns?” I asked Jeffrey.

“I'm too busy cleaning everybody else's, I can't clean my own up,” Jeffrey replied.

“Really? Where do you have them?” I asked.

“In my driveway, the yard, everywhere,” he said.

Kate Hertweck, assistant Professor of Biology at UT Tyler says oak trees don't put out the same amount of acorns every year. It depends on pollination, things eating developing acorns and the environment.

“This summer has been particularly wet, and cooler than often, and so what that means is that the oak trees may favor having slightly cooler temperatures for the number and nature of acorns that are produced,” Kate revealed.

I recall in the fall of 2011 there were very few acorns in my yard, and it was a hot, dry summer.

Squirrels do what they can, but they can only eat so much, and the acorns just keep coming.

If left to pile up you could end up with a forest in your yard, and acorns can also stain concrete the same way oak barrels stain whiskey: tannins. Jeffrey says some of his customers have him coming back twice a week until fall has finished falling.

“So do you think maybe you're going to hire some squirrels to help you out?” I asked Jeffrey.

“We need them. We need about a million of them,” Jeffrey laughed.

Of course then we'll have to bring in ten thousand cats to get rid of those. It's probably better to just bag them up.

UT Professor Kate Hertweck also says oak trees release a lot of stored energy to give off a big crop of acorns, so much so that it may take several years before that tree will have the resources to do it again.

Farmersalmanac.com has posts from all over the country, including East Texas, that talk about a bumper acorn crop.

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