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Better East Texas: The evolution of Black Friday

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Black Friday has come and gone, Cyber Monday has passed as well and where do we stand as a gift buying nation?

Early estimates, and they are only estimates, put Black Friday spending down by more than ten percent while Cyber Monday spending saw only moderate increases. Now, all the speculation by the experts begins.

I would suggest that we don't need much expert analysis to see what is happening with shopping patterns this time of year. Black Friday has now become a very wide event – taking in additional advance days and even weeks before the actual day after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday has evolved as well as many deals were available well before Monday.

There is also the suggestion that consumer confidence is higher and is driving people less to find bargains. The bottom line is that retail sales for the season will probably end up increasing a little and online sales will look pretty good as well but the totals won't be determined by a single day or single event.

For better or worse, we appear to be returning to the time honored tradition of a holiday season spanning weeks, if not months, with retail specials throughout. A big part of me relishes this because it will perhaps lessen the mad dash that Black Friday used to be.

Perhaps – it is improbable – but perhaps, we will see the opportunity to get a deal continue to spread out as the holidays approach which could, in turn, give us a little more time to appreciate the true meaning of the holiday season – and that would make for a Better East Texas.

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