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Proud Of East Texas: Passion Guitar

Jason Simpson is a "Luthier", a maker of string instruments, more specifically of guitars. His passion for playing guitars began in childhood and in adulthood turned into a passion for handcrafting them for customers from throughout Texas and adjoining states.

Simpson's passion for fine craftsmanship has been fine tuned to the ultimate level in the guitar he calls "The Passion Of The Christ Guitar", inspired by the Mel Gibson movie. Simpson says he wanted to use his talent in crafting guitars to glorify Christ as Mel Gibson had done as a filmmaker.

Everything about the Passion Of The Christ guitar is either symbolic or directly connected to the Bible, from Simpson's choice of rose, blood and koa woods to his intricately designed mother-of-pearl crown of thorns and crucifixion scene. Simpson says he wanted to capture the gravity of the crucifixion, the pain of it and the beauty of it.

Simpson plans ultimately to sell his Passion Of The Christ Guitar and give a portion of the proceeds to Compassion International, a non-profit organization which feeds, clothes and educates children, as well as bringing them the gospel.

Simpson's workshop is located at 113 South Main Street, in Henderson's Emily's Antique Mall.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.

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